Zebras are black & white, but nothing in their environment is, how does that make for good camouflage? Actually, it's because they blend with each other so that predators can't differentiate one animal from the other. The advantage to the individuals is that it would be tough to pick out and target the young and the weak.

In real estate, when seasons change, so does how people see property. Often, sitting at a computer, people look through listing after another & the most common cover pictures is an exterior one. As soon as a universality is changed, like snow that stays for the year, the association with snow is new and the association with grass is old.

That's why we do it. We have a photo team from Gravidia drive to each of our, currently over 20 listings, and refresh the exterior photos. On top of the advantage we get through zebra camouflage, there's also a setting in the MLS that will send the listing by email to all the people that have matching searches for property like that.  This system is most often used to alert people of price changes, but can also be jogged through updated pictures. That means that potential buyers will receive an email notification on a listing, and the snow pictures may have them seeing it as a new listing, even though it's been on the market since July.

Strategy is the key.