Thank you to RisMedia for including my story as part of your feature article surrounding the unveiling of RE/MAX’s new logo. I am honoured to be contributing to RE/MAX’s future successes and am thrilled that I could be a part of their history. RE/MAX has long been synonymous with success in the real estate world. Their new logo is symbolic of their way of growing and adapting to a changing market. RE/MAX created a name for itself by being the brand with the highest performing real estate associates. I believe that you become the average of the company you keep so starting at RE/MAX was a key stepping stone toward the success I’m grateful to have experienced so far.

RE/MAX is one of the most recognized brands in the world and continues to attract talent by bolstering its associates with top level resources, and now the refocus on mentorship and collaboration is the right move for creating successful associates. RE/MAX creates an atmosphere which rewards new and innovative ideas. Mix this with the calibre of real estate agents already working under the RE/MAX umbrella, and you have a highly intelligent design for success. I truly believe that RE/MAX has been a major factor in my success and I intend to use that “RE/MAX attitude” to help build the success of others. I feel the obligation to pay it forward to my team mates, colleagues, and clients. So whether you’re looking for mentorship or service, RE/MAX should be your first stop.

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