When you are selling your home on the Edmonton market, it is important to view the house as a separate entity from yourself and your family. You may have an emotional attachment to the property, but as you are planning on listing it on MLS, try and view it from a buyer’s perspective. It’s hard for a buyer to picture their own possessions and family photos around the home if yours are still there.

By viewing your home as an item for sale just like a car or a kitchen table you can begin to understand your buyers’ needs and wants. Just like selling a car, you are more likely to attract Edmonton buyers if you remove your personal items from the car and thoroughly clean it before presenting it to a buyer. Buyers are going to look at many homes in the course of a day so make sure your home isn’t the most disorganized one they’ve seen that day. There are a lot of homes for sale in Edmonton and the upkeep of your home can largely influence the buyer’s overall perspective of your home; don't let that be the reason you lose a buyer.

For an A-Z approach on preparing your home for sale, download our Listing Preparation Checklist.

Guest Blog by Revealing Assets