We do everything we can at HACK&Co to ensure that we feature the best characteristic of your home whenever possible. However, your home is going to primarily be viewed by potential buyers with their own buyer’s agent. Since we don’t get the opportunity to train these agents on spotting features & talking about the strengths of your property we had to come up with a way to make sure that message gets through!

From the buyer’s perspective, they are normally walking through over 6 homes back-to-back while their agent turns on lights & talks to them about what they see. However, that means that they could miss the important elements that differentiate your home from the competition.

To make sure that potential buyers notice all the fantastic things your property has to offer, we place little tent cards with “notables” all throughout your home which highlight things that potential buyers may not necessarily notice on their own. We will point out extra things that aren’t obvious to the buyer such as the air conditioning or the recently updated water heater in the home.

These notables are our way of making sure that your potential buyers are aware of all the things that would make your home a perfect place for them to live. We set your home apart so that you don’t have to depend on your buyer’s realtor to do it.

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