Since 2015, there’s no doubt that Alberta’s economy has suffered. With the decline of oil came lost jobs and uncertainty for many families. With growth being a hallmark of springtime are we also seeing some new growth in Alberta’s economy?

The indicators are starting to show that upward trend! GDP growth is up, oil is up and, for the first time in 8 consecutive quarters, Alberta’s net migration is in the positive.

Next, we expect to see vacancy rates drop followed by a housing demand increase that will lead to prices in real estate rising.

For anyone who has been waiting to upgrade to the perfect house, purchasing that home now before the market rises is a better plan than waiting for a better sale price. Once the market improves enough for that sale price to arrive, the span to the higher value property will have widened significantly.

Alberta is recovering, and we believe the housing market will reflect this soon. That’s why we want to put our audience in the best position to leverage the cyclic change for which our province is known.

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