Do open houses sell homes in Edmonton?

In short, yes. As part of a larger strategy, along with a great MLS listing, social media marketing, and our RE/MAX network, open houses in Edmonton are a key element to build buzz about your property in its first couple of weeks on market. At HACK&Co, we strategically plan to list your home for sale later in the week so that your property is exclusively new its first weekend on market. At that time, interest is normally maximized as people in the area notice your house’s “for sale” sign go up and we build buzz with online marketing. In Edmonton, having an open house in the first couple of weeks will also “lower the barrier” for those who might fall in love with your home for sale but aren’t dedicated to searching just yet.


Generally speaking, most people do not attend the open house for the property they end up purchasing. In fact, some studies estimate that only 1% of people end up attending the open house for the property they purchase. This doesn’t mean that your open house doesn’t generate new leads for prospective buyers from the people that attend. Even if it didn’t meet the specific needs of a person who attends your open house, it could be what they talk about to a friend who is moving. This is why having your “nosey neighbours” at your open house is a good thing. They already chose your neighbourhood so are likely to recommend it.

Even though the people who view your open house may not necessarily purchase it, your open house is a key part of our larger strategy to build buzz about your home and hit the market running.

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