When your realtor is posting a home for sale on MLS there are a variety of ways that the agent can customize the listing to make your home stand out. These customizable fields are very rarely taken advantage of by realtors to show buyers just how exceptional your home is. Here are  5 ways we make your home stand out on MLS:

1. Make sure the photos are high quality 

  • If you want your home to grab someone’s attention, you need to make sure your home is displayed in the best possible light. At HACK&Co we have fantastic photographers and video editors working to make sure that your home looks its best on listing launch day. If it’s a cloudy day, we replace the sky to make your home appear brighter and more inviting.

2. Choose an eye-catching feature photo.

  • There are a startling number of feature photos on MLS which feature the outside of the house instead of any of the fantastic characteristics within the house. We want you to stand out, so we’ll choose a feature photo that showcases the granite countertops in your kitchen or the stonework and dual sinks in your bathroom. 

3. Make the public remarks engaging

  • Back when MLS did not have photos of the homes the pros got really good at writing public remarks about their listings. We only have 1020 characters to convince someone to come see your home, so we make sure to use these characters wisely.

4. Make sure your home is priced effectively

  • Most properties are searchable in $25,000 increments. The best way to get the widest exposure for your property is to price your home right on the bridge. This means if your home is priced at $425,000 it will show up in searches from $400,000-$425,000 and it will show up in searches from $425,000-$450,000. 

5. Build connections

  • Being associated with RE/MAX and REALTOR.ca, once we post a listing to MLS, it is picked up by both these websites and spreads to other sites very quickly. RE/MAX is the largest and most recognized brand in real estate worldwide. Our association with these fantastic organizations makes sure that your listing is viewed by the right buyer.

Don’t let your listing blend in with the crowd. Schedule time to chat with us about how we can make your home stand out.